7 Best Linux Distro For Laptop In 2017

best linux distro for laptop

Knowing that Linux is the most secure, reliable, advance and open-source operating system in the world.In, desktop we have used many types of Linux.Such as,Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora etc.But, what about the Laptop users? How they choose the best Linux distro for Laptop?

What is the best Linux distro for Laptop?

Well, here is the deal.In this post, I will describe 7 best Linux distro for your laptop which is really made for Laptop/Notebook users.I’m sure that after reading this post you can decide which Linux distro is best for you.So, let’s start.

CUB Linux

If you want a modern, beautiful, fast, stable and low battery uses Linux distribution, Cub Linux is the best solution.It was previously known as Chromixium OS.In my opinion, Cub Linux can be used in any kind of Laptop/Notebook from Old to Modern.It look like as Google Chrome OS and based on Ubuntu.You can run any Software/Apps from Chrome store.On the other hand, you can also install Ubuntu-based software from synaptic package manager, terminal, gdebi package manager etc.

cub linux

The most important things of this OS is, it uses Openbox Window Manager.Which can run on low battery and also use low system resources.Cub Linux has come with built-in Chromium web browser and much other useful application for ease of use.

Cub Linux at a glance

Cub Linux System Requirements (From Official Source)

  • 512 MB or more Ram (1GB is Recommended)
  • 1GHz or more processor, Intel/AMD (Dual Core Preferred)
  • 4GB HDD Space (8GB Preferred)
  • 1GB Pendrive or USB Drive or DVD-RW for installation
  • Minimum 800×600 Resolution Graphics Card (1024×600 or better recommended)
  • Wired or Wireless internet connection

Pros and Cons


  • Small, Fast and Beautiful
  • Low System Requirement
  • Low Power Uses
  • Look Like Google Chrome OS
  • Support Both Chrome Apps and Ordinary Linux Desktop Apps
  • Completely Laptop/Notebook Friendly


  • The Apps Menu Has A Little Bug
  • Boot Up Speed Slightly Slower Than Other Ubuntu Based Linux
  • Not for the Ubuntu Unity Desktop Lovers


LXLE Linux

LXLE is another a best Linux distro for Laptop.From Distrowatch we find that:

“LXLE is an easy-to-use lightweight desktop Linux distribution based on Lubuntu and featuring the LXDE desktop environment. Compared to its parent, LXLE has a number of unique characteristics: it is built from Ubuntu’s LTS (long-term support) releases, it covers most users’ everyday needs by providing a good selection of default applications, and it adds useful modifications and tweaks to improve performance and functions”

LXLE mainly based on Lubuntu.But, if you are faithful with Windows XP or Windows vista/7 Starter, LXLE is the best solution for you.It is a highly customizable operating system where you can make your desktop as Windows, Mac OS X or even Ubuntu Unity.Basically, it runs on LXDE desktop environment and use low resources for operating in Laptop/Notebook.

lxle linux desktop

LXLE comes with built-in applications such as Libre Office, Mozilla Firefox, Synaptic Package Manager etc.It also added extra PPA for newly added software.So, you don’t need to add additional PPA and software updates.

Although LXLE based on LXDE Desktop, but it is beautiful than ordinary LXDE desktop Environment.You can find 100 gorgeous wallpapers preinstalled with Expose, Aero Snap, Quick Launch apps, Random Wallpaper, Panel Trash access and many more features.

LXLE at a glance

LXLE System Requirements (From Official Source)

  • 1 GB or more Ram (2GB is Recommended For 64bit)
  • 1.5GHz or more processor, Intel/AMD
  • 8GB HDD Space (20GB Preferred For Software Installation)
  • 4GB Pendrive or USB Drive or DVD-RW for installation
  • Wired or Wireless internet connection

Pros and Cons


  • Highly Customizable with Awesome Features
  • Low Battery Uses
  • Full Desktop Computing Environment
  • Added Custom PPA For Wide Software Installation
  • Laptop/Notebook Friendly
  • Boot Up Less Than 1 Minute


  • Not For Beginner Linux Users

Deepin Linux

When I make a list of best Linux distro for laptop, Deepin was one of my favorite choices.Deepin Linux is beginner level Linux distro which completely suitable for Laptop and Desktop also.Because of its modern design and ease of use make it one of the most successful Linux distribution in 2016.

deepin linux desktop

Deepin actually based on Debian Linux.But, it has it’s own desktop environment.No KDE, Xfce, LXDE, Unity, Gnome, Openbox or others.It uses Deepin Desktop Environment which made by HTML 5 Programming Language and QT Framework.In Deepin, you can find 3 type of desktop user experience.Fashion for MacOS X Look, Efficient for Windows 7 Look and Traditional/Manimal for Windows XP Look.It has a Launcher option which it’s main power.Launcher looks like MacOs X Launcher or Ubuntu Dash.So, you can easily access any software or show it on Desktop and uninstall application too.

Deepin has come with preinstalled application.Such as Google Chrome, Kingsoft Office, Deepin Music, Deepin Movie and a beautiful file manager.Deepin has also it’s own software center which calls Deepin Software Centre.By using these Software Centre you can easily install any kind of application in a few click.Deepin has also a control center as like MacOS X control center which is very powerful and flexible than Ubuntu control center.

Deepin at a glance

Deepin System Requirements (From Official Source)

  • 2 GB or more Ram
  • 2.0GHz or more processor, Intel/AMD (Dual Core Recommended)
  • 10GB HDD Space (20GB Preferred For Software Installation)
  • 4GB Pendrive or USB Drive or DVD-RW for installation
  • Wired or Wireless internet connection

Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful, Smooth and Easy to use
  • Pre-installed Google Chrome and Kingsoft Office
  • Feature Reach Software Center
  • Improved Control Center with Elegant MacOSX like Desktop
  • Faster Boot Up


  • Resource Hungry
  • Use High Power/Battery


Peppermint OS

Although, Peppermint OS is not so popular than other Linux Distributions, but it is another best Linux distro for Laptop.Because of its cloud apps compatibility, low resource uses and it’s software manager makes it different.

peppermint os desktop

Peppermint OS is an Ubuntu best distribution which comes with it’s special ICE feature.Where, you can integrate any cloud app such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Twitter with your desktop apps. Peppermint comes with pre-installed chromium web browser and Dropbox. So, you can easily use your laptop after installing the OS.

Peppermint OS also come Linux mint software manager, update manager, and Nemo file explorer. It allows you the Linux mint flavor in a lightweight distro.

Peppermint OS at a glance

Peppermint System Requirements (From Official Source)

  • 512 MB or more Ram (1 GB is Recommended)
  • 1.0GHz or more processor, Intel/AMD
  • 4GB HDD Space (8GB Preferred For Software Installation)
  • 2GB Pendrive or USB Drive or DVD-RW for installation
  • Wired or Wireless internet connection

Pros and Cons


  • Fast, Stable and Rock Solid OS
  • Cloud/Web App Integration Feature (ICE Feature)
  • Built In Nemo File Manager
  • Built In Mint Software and Update Manager
  • Low Power Use


  • Not So Beautiful


Elementary OS

If you are a Mac user or an extreme fan of Mac OS X, Elementary OS is the best solution for you. It is one of the best Linux distro for Laptop which specially made for Mac OS X lovers.

elementary os desktop

As like Deepin Linux, Elementary OS has it’s own desktop environment pantheon. It has some unique features including workspace switching, application launcher like Mac OS X, different notification area, desktop zoom, hot corners etc.

Elementary OS pre-installed with default Ubuntu applications except its music player, video player and Midori web browser. So, if you want an open replacement for Mac OS X you can choose Elementary OS.

Elementary OS at a glance

Elementary System Requirements (From Official Source)

  • 1 GB or more Ram (2 GB is Recommended)
  • 1.0GHz or more processor, Intel/AMD (2Ghz and Dual Core is Recommended)
  • 15GB HDD Space (20GB Preferred For Software Installation)
  • 4GB Pendrive or USB Drive or DVD-RW for installation
  • Minimum 1024×768 Resolution Graphics Card (Internal or External)
  • Wired or Wireless internet connection

Pros and Cons


  • Designed As Mac OS X
  • Easy to Use Features Included.Ex: Workspace Switcher, Desktop Zoom
  • Multi-Functional Music And Video Player


  • Use High Resource
  • Laptop Battery Drawn Quickly


Zorin OS

Love Windows.But, don’t want to install Windows.Zorin OS is the best solution for you.

Although, Zorin OS mainly designed for Desktop.But it is another best Linux distro for Laptop.The main feature of Zorin OS is, you can install Windows Software (.exe files) without any problem.Because it pre-installed with Wine (Windows Program Loader) and PlayOnLinux.It also comes with MS Core Fonts and default Windows .dll files.Besides, you can install Linux Softwares from Zorin Software Center, Synaptic Package Manager, Gdebi Package Installer (.deb Files) or even terminal.

zorin os desktop

Zorin OS used its own Zorin Desktop Environment.You can customize it as Windows 7 Theme (Zorin OS Core), Windows XP Theme (Zorin OS Core), Windows 2000 Theme (Zorin OS Premium), Ubuntu Unity Theme (Zorin OS Premium), MacOSX Theme (Zorin OS Premium) and GNOME 2 Theme (Zorin OS Premium).

Zorin Comes with pre-installed software bundle media codec.As like Mozilla Firefox, Libre Office, GIMP Image Editor, Openshot Video Editor etc.It is also super fast than any other Ubuntu based OS.

Zorin OS at a glance

Zorin OS System Requirements (From Official Source)

  • 512 MB or more Ram (1 GB is Recommended)
  • 1.0GHz or more processor, Intel/AMD (Dual Core is Recommended)
  • 10GB HDD Space (20GB Preferred For Software Installation)
  • 4GB Pendrive or USB Drive or DVD-RW for installation
  • Minimum 640×480 Resolution Graphics Card (Internal or External)
  • Wired or Wireless internet connection

Pros and Cons


  • Beginner and User-Friendly
  • Mainly Made for Windows Lover
  • Pre-installed Wine and PlayOnLinux
  • Super fast and Beautiful
  • Highly Customizable


  • Sometime Multitasking mode does not work perfectly
  • Core Edition has lack of features than Ultimate Edition


In the list of best Linux distro for laptop, Macpup is one of them.It is a tiny and very low resource needed Operating System which can be used any type and any configuration of Laptop, Notebook, and Netbook.

macpup linux desktop

Macpup is a Puppy Linux based distro where all Software/Packages distributed by Puppy Linux.Macpup has popular for it’s low system requirement and also a MacOSX like look.If you have a Pentium 2 or 3 type laptop, you can use Macpup without any kind of thinking.

Macpup at a glance

Macpup System Requirements (From Official Source)

  • 256 MB or more Ram (512 MB is Recommended)
  • 800MHz or more processor, Intel/AMD
  • 512MB HDD Space (1GB Preferred For Software Installation)
  • 1GB Pendrive or USB Drive or DVD-RW for installation
  • Wired or Wireless internet connection

Pros and Cons


  • Tiny and Fast
  • Very Low System requirement
  • Look Like MacOSX
  • Puppy Linux Based


  • Not For Heavy Users

At the end……..

There are also many Linux-based OS available on the Web.But, I’ve tried to describe the best Linux distro for Laptop.So, keep reading How To Use Linux for a more exclusive post.

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Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe that this
amazing site needs far more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the


Nice list, I am new to Linux, have Mint on laptop, works fine, tried Zorin & Deepin before both good, moved to Mint as it seemed I’d get long term stability as distro’s disappear….

Robin Milford

First of all, thanks author for the greatest post about best linux os for laptop

But, I want to add something

These distributions are mainly based on Ubuntu/Debian distro.On the other hand Arch based distro’s as like Manjaro,Chakra also best linux distro for lap.So, if possible please add these distribution which based on Arch

Happy Linuxing


Kinda hard to say that. Arch is the most unstable distro, the team at manjaro are struggling to maintain security and stability. If you do not use a stable distro then your laptop will not survive serious work – servers and programming. Arch will break, and that is fact,


thats pretty odd. i built my machine with arch. i have been running on my laptop for over 2 years. never once crashed. it takes more work yes but saying its the most unstable distro is incorrect. i have arch with kde on LTS. i7 processor 3.5 ghz, 12GB ram, nvidia 845m

David G

I know it’s different,but the first time I installed Manjaro, I experienced a serious crash of the system, rebooting after an upgrade. Not all the people suffer this kind of stuff, like you, but certain people do. It’s how distro works with a particular hardware or machine.


Just because it didn’t crash for you doesn’t make it stable. My first install it crashed left at right. I had other installs on other hardware where it ran better, but out of all the distro’s I’ve tested extensively, Manjaro and Zorin were the least stable I have ran through multiple testing environments (Which is sad cause they are both great looking distro’s).

For Arch, Antergos faired the best for stability and would be what I would recommend.


deepin is based in debian
not ubuntu!!


Ubuntu is based on Debian.


another thing…
deepin doesn’t need Wired or Wireless internet connection , for the installation.

Resource Hungry?
are you serius? , is not true.


Yes. take a lot of resources.
Before to argue please come with facts.

Rock ben

Hi, I am new in Linux and interested in Deepin. will you show me the way how to install Deepin OS?


Excellent summary! With all distros available is very nice to find out that someone takes the time to evaluate some of them. Thanks!


Linux Lite also should be included, it is the only Linux that made my old AMD laptop snappy like brand new

Gary K. Wilson

The list of best linux os for laptop, there are more than 3-5 distro can be added.
As like Lubuntu,Slax,Slitaz,LinuxLite and PC Linux OS.I think admin will be added these distros later.
and, also the Chromixium has changed to CUB Linux.It should be updated.You can check this from https://cublinux.com/


Doesn’t exist any more…

Zoltan Biro

So, all based on Debian.Except Puppy.Puppy for sure is the best distro I meet.Fast, fast and very fast.

And also, I am Using Deepin for all my house Laptops.Perfect distro

Justin Webster

Some of them I’ve already played with, using Zorin OS 11 atm but about to go to Manjaro again.


I am better with Zorin Os


I heard for the first time about all of these distros…
Where are they popular? in the neighborhood?


You Not Important


You are delusional…

Henry Willis
The only reason I see Windows as being easier is because most people know Windows.Not many people start on Linux. Command line is not really user-friendly I admit.. but if you started with DOS, that isn’t a big deal. If you want to be a system admin. you will have to know a couple CLI “languages”, namely Cisco IOS, OS specific command-line (Unix/OSX,Linux,Powershell), or others. I have to question you on questioning stability of Linux when a large majority of web hosting use Linux as their base, one large example is the White House, other examples are many other countries/cities… Read more »

Even Microsoft uses Linux Servers for stability and security.

Bibhuranjan Nath

You missed SuperX http://superxos.com
I’ve used it and its a brilliant Linux distro. Just give it a look.


Super X Os is à good distribution coming from India.


What about Solus OS?

Thank you for this line-up! I am falling more in love with Peppermint OS 7, even though the icons are… well… I started out with Ubuntu when it released 12.04, but then dropped it at 14.04 because I don’t like the Unity desktop environment. I then switched to Linux Mint, and I really do like 18 cinnamon a lot. It is truly beautiful. When I first watched a review of Peppermint os 7, I thought it looked like an uglier version of Linux Mint. I honestly didn’t get it. But, because the review was just overjoyed about Peppermint, I decided… Read more »

What about GalliumOS for laptop?


It’s only for Chromebook and Chromebox…

Scott Garbus

Pretty good article, except that I feel that elementary OS is neither resource hungry, nor does it drain the battery quickly. Sure it is perhaps a bit heavier than the ultra-light LXDE distros, but in my experience it is much lighter than most other full-featured desktops. I would call it middle-weight, perhaps in a category with MATE or XFCE.

I also felt that chromixuim and deepin were both kind of sluggish and heavy, although I last tried them out quite a while ago- perhaps they’ve been optimized since then.

One question, is Macpup still supported?

Khaja Parvez

Excellent ! The contents in your page are very apt and hassle free. I’ll get back to this for more updates. Thank You ! 🙂

Nilanka De Silva

For me Peppermint OS has been the best so far. My taste lies in being both minimalist but appealing and functional at the same time. Having used almost all the distros on my laptop, Peppermint is the only OS the provided the look, stability, customization, ease of use, and resource conservation that I was looking for.

Colin Erith

Have tried both Zorin os/9-11 and neither will install on an Asus Laptop without crashing during instal ended up reinstalling Win10.
I need a non-windows environment as I am pissed off with Microsoft,,,, have just come back from a trip to Asia, on arrival Microsoft promptly disabled my email because I had moved continents without telling the all seeing eye.
The only drawback is I need one-third party Access Application so Zorin looked ideal but will not install on two different Asus Laptops
ps, why is hotmail.co.uk an invalid email address?


@ Colin – you’re having all kinds of issues. Try LXLE or Lubuntu; both are great.


Or Solus OS or Linux Mint….


Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Extremely useful information specially the last part.

Nguyen Ngoc Anh

This is really nice! I look in many site but only this site show be the most beautiful os I have ever seen. Hope you’ll update more, Thanks a lot!


arch linux – if you have a powerful laptop with GNOME 3.22 and if not XFCE


Why is Fedora not listed? I use Fedora now to replace that crappy Ubuntu and best decision ever. Low on resources, looks great and easy to use. And all of this on an old laptop.


Sir , is deepin good for moderate laptop ?is it heavy? and what is resource hungry i am begginer?

Larry Ganschow

…Thank you for the impressive and informative article.


What linux best ?

Johnny boy

You should try Apricity OS
Simple, Beautiful, Linux.


Very nice selection of linux distros! I’m a long time user of PeppermintOS and love it. Linux Lite would be another candidate. I also have to give GalliumOS credit for being an excellent choice for linux on Chromebooks.

Jim Barfield
Very nice comparison of different Linux distros. I have been using Linux for many years and my favorite ones are the “roll your own” distos. Suse makes it easy to configure your very own Linux operating system- which is fun- but I also like Ubuntu and Mint a lot. I was able to create my own version of Linux with a dock that looks and works just like Mac OSX – the programs “fly” out with Genie effect and everything. I named it Beaux Linux after my pet dog 🙂 ALSO: I have found that Microsoft Office Live works very… Read more »
Roger G
I have been using Ubuntu on my laptops for a few years. Ubuntu has slowed down considerably since Unity was added. This past year an upgrade to 16.04 from 15.10 made my system a little unstable and I have been patiently awaiting 16.10 to come eliminate my problems. Unfortunately, elimination of problems did not occur when I upgraded. I discovered that my built-in Radeon graphics processor is no longer supported, and I can’t even boot my laptop. I’m looking for a way to recover the data from my /home folder, then I’ll be installing a different OS. Fedora lost me… Read more »

Very helpful article, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.


What is wrong with Wayland and Mir. Do you think your beloved X11 will last forever and be maintained. Some old UNIX shit from the eighties. I am so tired of theese conservative distros they do not want Wayland, a desktop environment prepared for wayland, Systemd, better multiprocessing, just a alot of eye candy for x 11. you do not fool me maybe others.


This comparison was for users and not for technicians. If a attractive distribution comes around which uses Wayland, Systemd etc., I think, it will be mentioned here. Another topic is whether Systemd etc. is that new good thing.


you’re truly a just right webmaster. The site loading speed is incredible. It kind of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick. In addition, The contents are a masterpiece. you’ve performed a magnificent task on this subject!


All the Linux distros are NOT good for smaller laptops IMO. I am older and installing these distros on a 13.3″ display is CRAZY SMALL and need 375 reading glasses just to see the text!! Aren’t their any that do what windows and mac does… they adjust their themes to size perspective of the device you are installing them on. Windows 10 is on this laptop right now and it looks fine. No glasses needed. I love Linux Lite distro, but it is super tiny, as well and cannot use it on this laptop.


You can adjust all the fonts and everything else to your liking on any Linux.


Thank You very much!
I installed Elementary on two Asus laptops and blew away Windows.
Install went very smoothly and all is working well.


Hello, Asaduzzaman Abir! I’d like to thank you for your really helpful diagnoses of the various Linux systems. I’m an XP user and have been advised by Firefox to quit. Linux was one of their recommendations, so I searched for information. Luckily, I found you – thanks a million! The only thing I would have wanted to find out is whether there has to be a change in one’s email address.

Vivienne Callender


Really enjoyed this site, bookmarked it.
The thing I love about Linux is there is something for everyone regardless of taste and preference. I change/evaluate distros all the time.
Got really fed up with Windows updating and making changes without my knowledge, having to opt out instead of opting in really grinds me. Windows 10 reminds me of a glossy magazine, all very fancy and expensive with very little substance. Open source rocks. I’ll keep coming back!


It’s perfect time to make some plans for the long run and it is time to be happy. I have learn this publish and if I may I want to suggest you few attention grabbing things or advice. Maybe you could write next articles regarding this article. I desire to read even more things about it!

And also thanks for posting review about best graphics card for linux


First of all, thanks for this Linux list. I´ve an acer laptop (aspire 6920g) with MsVista and I’m looking for a linux distro to a dual boot system. Wich of those distros is better for a dual boot system? Are they compatible with NTFS partitions (to share with Vista) or fat32 file system is mandatory?
Thanks in advance for any help.

I am concerned about any OS built on Ubuntu, as I witnessed a security report being deleted from their site over a moderator not wanting the poster to have ‘reputation points’. Such is the situation and priorities. Installs of Ubuntu we have done have suffered from spurious mouse clicks, which cause browsers to open unopened advertisements, to open attachments in phishing mail, and to spill passwords to chats. For many laptops or desktops more stable distributions, such as Debian, have proven themselves as servers, but continue to suffer from the lack of availability of drivers for newer laptop hardware.

Windows looks like a bucket full of holes when compared to Linux. There are Distros that are absolutely secure and safe.


I came here hoping to find useful info about NEW laptops, and the best distros to support the latest hardware found in 2017 laptops, where drivers can be sparse and issues are still being documented/solved.

If you have an old laptop with limited resources, stick with versions of Ubuntu and Mint which have tons of support material, LTS, and specifically tailored to older hardware, not these cheesy pet distros that just move some icons and UI around.

i mean cmon… Listing Libre, Synaptic, and PPA as if they were unique features? Silly


You can try your luck with latest Kernels as they are carrying the newest drivers.

Mr. Linux

I’ve used all of the distros on this list and i must say that LXLE is the best for laptops. Cub Linux was problematic in many was, so i would remove it from this list and add Lubuntu. All of the other distros on the list are fine. I haven’t tried DeepIn on a laptop, but my it works nearly flawlessly on my old Dell P4 desktop.


Very good review with pros and consю I found these distros interesting: Deepin, LXLE, Elementary. The latter I’ve already installed on my dad’s laptop – he is happy now 🙂 As for me, I think, the best one will be Deepin


I’ve used Slackopuppy, Debian dog, Linux console, slax, systemrescuecd, and many other Linux on my desktop. Slacko puppy is the most customisable with a lot of inbuilt settings tools, and men usage is around 100 mb but only problem is the screen brightness cannot be changed and is always 100% bright, same with Debian dog, However other Linux have support for changing laptop screen brightness using inbuilt buttons but they are not as lightweight as slqcko and Debian dog. Peace.


Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for putting this list together. It has some really pretty Linux distros in here.


Such a nice blog.

I have read an amazing article here.