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Beginners Guide

4 Best Linux Mini PC That You Can Buy Today

best linux mini pc

If you want a portable solution of your Linux Machine, Linux Mini PC is the best solution for you.Because┬áthese are easy to handle,need low power consumption,fit on a small space and can operate with Open-Source Operating System. Not all Linux Mini PC are created as same and it can be confusing to understand which one […]

How to Install Software In Linux : A Step By Step Guide

how to install software in linux

In any operating system we have used in our computer, application or software is the main. In Windows, we download a .exe file and install it by clicking Next and install. But, how to install software in Linux? Yes, Linux has a several procedure to install applications/software.In this post, I will show you about 4 […]

How To Use Linux : A Complete Guide For Beginner

how to use linux

What is the first question of a new Linux user? The answer is How to use Linux.Yes, Linux is the most popular open-source operating system, which used by different type of devices.Such as Desktop Computer, Laptop Computer, Super Computer, Smartphone, Web Server, Smart Car, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), ATM Booth and also.But, as a beginner, […]