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13 Best IDE For Linux Programmers and Developers

best ide for linux

An IDE (Integrated development environment) is a software application that allows computer programmers and software developers to develop software in a ‘batteries included’ way. Some developers swear by the ‘old school’ approach of using text-editors like VIM to develop their applications. There’s nothing wrong with that. Personally, I use both, but I prefer an IDE […]

7 Best VPN For Linux In 2018 (Must Try)

best vpn for linux

Do you want to surf the web without worrying about security or country restrictions? Linux is a privacy-oriented OS, not just because of its open source nature but also because it allows you to choose a distro whose security features match your privacy needs. Still, you may need to add an extra layer of security […]

9 Best Ubuntu Torrent Client In 2019

ubuntu torrent client

As a crazy downloader, what’s your favorite way of downloading? I’d put my money on torrents. Applications like µTorrent and BitTorrent are popular (and have a cult-like status) among Windows users. But which torrent client offers great service to Linux users? The good news is that there are several Ubuntu torrent clients and P2P applications that […]

7 Best Linux Image Editor For Ultimate Image Editing


Linux is by far the most successful open-source operating system in the world; no dispute there. Really! I’m not just kidding with you. The only problem is that most of the popular applications are not compatible with Linux. Take Adobe Photoshop and Coral Draw for example. Both are reliable (and perhaps the two most popular) […]

How To Run sh File In Linux

how to run sh file in linux

As a Linux user it’s almost certain that you’ve come across a .sh file at one time or another. It’s not a stranger to Linux operating systems. In fact, it’s entirely possible to download an application (that’s either a single file or multiple files) and when you try to open it you find that it’s […]

How To Install and Configure Dropbox For Linux

dropbox for linux

Are your personal files is very important for you? Or, you want to avoid a headache by archiving your files on cloud storage? Look You can solve your problem easily by using a great cloud storage. And Dropbox for Linux is the best solution for you. What is Dropbox? Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage service where […]

Ubuntu Tweak – The Best Tool For Tweaking Ubuntu

ubuntu tweak

Ubuntu Tweak is the most popular and best tweaking tool for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distribution. Ease of Use, Flexibility, Low Resource Uses and Hundred of Features makes it the all in one tweaking tool. By using Ubuntu Tweaks, you can tweak you Fonts, Desktop Icons, Login Setting, Admin Control etc. You can also clean up junk […]