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How To Install and Configure Dropbox For Linux

dropbox for linux

Are your personal files is very important for you?

Or, you want to avoid a headache by archiving your files on cloud storage?


You can solve your problem easily by using a great cloud storage. And Dropbox for Linux is the best solution for you.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage service where you can store and access you file from anywhere in the world. Its outstanding features make it different from any other cloud file storage service than others. On the other side, it is cross-platform too. So, you can access your important files such as images, videos, documents, spreadsheets or any other files easily as you stay at home or on the Mount Everest (If internet connection is available).

Comparison Between Dropbox And Others

Service Name Google Drive Dropbox Microsoft Onedrive Apple iCloud Mediafire Box
Storage 15 GB 2 GB 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Platform Cross-Platform Cross-Platform Windows Apple Cross-Platform Cross-Platform
Desktop Apps No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Price Free Free Free Free Free Free
Maximum File Upload size Any Size Any Size Any Size Any Size 200 MB 250 MB
Fully Linux Supported No Yes No No No No

Features of Dropbox

There are a lot of features available in Dropbox. The most useful and best features are:

  • Get 2GB free cloud storage from open a free account
  • Get Up to 16GB free storage by referring friends
  • You can upgrade your account from Free/Basic to Pro or Business and get UNLIMITED storage
  • Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Symbian Supported
  • If you are in offline(Not connected to the internet), you can easily access your files from your desktop app. Such as Dropbox for Windows or Dropbox for Linux etc
  • Edit all of your files directly from Dropbox
  • Easily share your files anywhere in the world by using a single URL

Installing Dropbox For Linux

Installing Dropbox is very easy as like any other application. To start installation you first download the Dropbox App. Click on the link below and download the (.deb) file. Or if you are using, Fedora or Red Hat based Linux you must download The (.rpm) package.

After downloading the app you need to install it as other application. So, install it and run it from Dash.

  • Search Dropbox from Dash and run it
dropbox for linux_01


  • Now, click OK to start the installation.
dropbox for linux_02


  •  This will download Dropbox and its additional files from Dropbox Server. Wait until the download has completed.
dropbox for linux_03


  • Bada Bing Bada Boom! Our Dropbox has installed completely. Now, simply enter your Dropbox ID and password to login your account to synchronize your files.
dropbox for linux_04


  • After synchronizing your files click on “open my Dropbox folder” to view and access your files.


dropbox for linux_05


  • You can also access your Dropbox from your Linux Home folder(Ubuntu/Linux Mint). To do it, go to your home folder and select Dropbox. That’s it


dropbox for linux_06



Configuring Dropbox For Linux

Although, most of the users use Dropbox as their default setting. But, there are several which makes your Dropbox users experience more effective. I have described you the configuration step by step.


General settings

Here you can control your Dropbox general settings such as desktop notification, start Dropbox on system startup etc. You can also change the language from here.


dropbox for linux_07


Account Settings

Want to change your Dropbox folder or control which file you want to sync, the account settings let’s help you to control all of these. You can also unlink/log out your current Dropbox account and log in with a new one.


dropbox for linux_08


Bandwidth settings

If you are a limited data user or use mobile internet You may have to control your data/bandwidths usage. From this option, you can limit you download and upload rate easily. You can also enable the Lan Synchronization Mode by clicking on the check box. It is important when you use more than one internet connection. Like broadband + mobile internet fro example.

dropbox for linux_09


Proxy Settings

If you want to use a proxy in your internet connection this option will be helpful for you. You can manually detect your proxy settings as like Auto-detect proxy or manual proxy. If you don’t want any proxy setting you can select the “No Proxy” option.

dropbox for linux_10



A simple tips and end…..

At last, I leave you with some simple, common sense tips. Don’t access your account from an unknown device. Wether it is your friend’s computer or from a Cyber Cafe. You can’t be sure if the connection is secure.

Thanks for reading this post. Leave me a comment, tips, suggestions, or feedback. Always happy to hear from you.


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Elora Jonson
Elora Jonson

Really good article.But, where is the PPA method

Asaduzzaman Abir

Thanks, Elora Jonson
PPA does not need to install Dropbox For Linux


And what of those on other distros?