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How to Install Software In Linux : A Step By Step Guide

how to install software in linux

In any operating system we have used in our computer, application or software is the main. In Windows, we download a .exe file and install it by clicking Next and install. But, how to install software in Linux?

Yes, Linux has a several procedure to install applications/software. In this post, I will show you about 4 easiest way to installing software on Linux. This is an ultimate guide for beginner to expert users.

Note: This guide is based on Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distributions. So please install Ubuntu or Ubuntu based OS in your PC.


Tutorial Requirements

  • An Ubuntu or Ubuntu based distribution Such as Linux Mint, Zorin OS, Xubuntu, Kubuntu installed PC
  • An Active Internet Connection


How To Install Software In Linux -From Online

Method 1: Installing Software From Ubuntu Software Center

This is the easiest and most stable method for installing software. You can use Ubuntu Software Center for installation. So, click on Ubuntu Software Center icon from the launcher. If you don’t find, go to dash and search for Ubuntu Software Center and click on it.

  • This is the Ubuntu Software Center. There are several categories which contain thousand of software/application. And also, all of these applications are Free and Open Source. Suppose, we need to install Filezilla. Click on the FileZilla icon to install it. You can also select any other software to install.
how to install software in linux
  • After clicking FileZilla, the window will appear. Press ‘Install’ to install this software. You see that the software has some screenshot. If you want to view it larger, simply click on the screenshot.
how to install software in linux_01
  • After clicking ‘Install,’ this dialogue box will appear.Simply enter the user/root password to the box and press ‘Authenticate’.
 how to install software in linux_02
  • Congratulations. Our application has installed.Wait some time for finishing the installation.
 how to install software in linux_03
  • OK, our installation has completed. Go to Dash and search for FileZilla. Click on it to start.
 filezilla_how to install software in linux


Method 2: Installing Software By Using Terminal/Command Line

Think about a couple of year ago.Before 10-12 years, Linux has no GUI (Graphical User Interface) software installation process. The procedure has developed. But, Old Is Gold.

Yes, in this method we using Terminal (The Emulator of Command Line) to install software on Linux. Obviously, using the brand new Terminal

  • First of all, we need to select an application for install. Example: KODI – an Open Source Media Center Software for Linux. Go to the KODI official website, click on the ‘Download‘ button and select Linux from platform section.
kodi download
  • Now, read the code carefully. You need to write these code in Linux Terminal. To open theTerminal, go to Dash and search for ‘Terminal’. Or, press Ctrl+T from the keyboard to open Terminal.
install kodi_how to install software in linux
  • In this Terminal window, write the following code and press Enter. This code adds software properties to your Operating System.

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common

 installing kodi_how to install software in linux_01
  • Insert your User/Root password. Your password will not appear on the Terminal.
 installing kodi_how to install software in linux_02
  • Now, enter this code and press Enter. You will be notified to press Enter again for adding PPA finally. You can see this post to know more about PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa

 installing kodi_how to install software in linux_03
  • After adding PPA, you need to update your Software Repository. So, write this code in Terminal and press. Click Here to know more about Software Repository.

sudo apt-get update

installing kodi_how to install software in linux_05
  • This is the last step for installing the application. Write this code and press enter. When you will notify about confirmation, press ‘Y’ and then press ‘Enter’.

sudo apt-get install kodi

installing kodi_how to install software in linux_06
  • Your application has installed completely. Go to Dash and search for KODI and enjoy.
kodi linux


How To Install Software In Linux – From Offline

A couple of years ago when I first used Linux, my main problem was how to install software in Linux from offline. I have no internet connection on my PC and it was very hard for myself to install software. On those days, .deb file are not available on the internet. But nowadays, there are a huge amount of .deb file available for download. You need to know that .deb file is equivalent to Microsoft Windows .exe file.

There is two place to download .deb file about your preferable software. First, you can try the official website. Such as Dropbox, Google Chrome, Skype etc. The positive point to downloading from the official website, you can get the latest update of this software. Let’s start.

Method 1: Installing Software From .deb File (Official Source)
  • As an example of installing software with a stable .deb file, we will download Skype for Linux from their official website. You can also search it on Google as “Skype for Linux“. Find the embedded the download link after the screenshot.
download skype for linux


Note: skype has not updated regularly after releasing 4.3 version for Linux. Don’t worry, Skype 4.3 completely support the Ubuntu 12.04 version and up.

  • After downloading the .deb file it will look like the screenshot. Next is to install it now.
skype deb file


  • In Ubuntu or Ubuntu based distribution as like Linux Mint, Zorin OS,DeepinLinux, Ubuntu  mate you can install a .deb file using GDebi Package Installer. So, right click on the .deb file and select open with ‘GDebi Package Installer’.
installing skype on linux


  • After opening the package installer click on ‘Install Package’.
skype installing
  • Our installation has started. You can see the dialog box for showed that ‘Downloading additional package files’. This means Skype need some additional files to run. Don’t worry, that is a special requirement for Skype.
skype installing_02
  • After installing it will show you a successful message. Close the installer and search on Dash for Skype. Click on it and run it.
run skype on linux
  • Sign in with your Skype name or Microsoft account and enjoy.
run skype on ubuntu


Method 2: Installing Software From .deb File (Unofficial Source)

As usual any other OS, Linux has some unofficial source to download software/application. But, most of the time the websites not provide the .deb file. They only provide the source code.It is more complex to install an application from source.

Yes, I have found a solution for this problem. You can visit and download all types of application you need. You will find a stable .deb file for all software listed here.

install software on ubuntu


The website is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can select any application you need and click on Download. That’s it.

download software from uptodown




This list helps you to find your important application, themes, icon packs easily.Just click on the buttons and get your favorite software.

Important Website List

Recommended Application List


At Last………………….

In this article, I have described you the easiest and helpful way to installing software in Linux.

There are more ways to installing software on Linux. As like installing software for source code,from .run command and etc. I will detail this advanced method of another article.

If you have any question about how to install software in Linux, please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading ‘How To Install Software In Linux.’


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