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Tails Linux (A Tor Linux Distro) – An Ultimate Guide

tails linux

Think for a second that you are a SPY. Just an example.

To be good at your job, you want your spying ib other computers or networks to be anonymously as possible. Or, maybe you’re not a spy but you still want to access the Internet securely without taking any risk. So, how do you make this happen?

If you are a Linux user, it can be very simple. Tails Linux is the best solution to secure yourself anywhere on the internet.

What is Tails Linux?

In a sentence, Tails Linux is an Anonymous Operating System. It is a secure Linux-based operating system which allows you to access the internet anywhere in the world without any type of trace back. It also encrypts your data as like Files, Emails, IM (Instant Messaging) with it’s Cryptographic Tools. On the other hand, nobody can trace you on the internet. Because it removes all of your Footprint after you using computer/internet.

You will be amazed that Edward Snowden has used Tails because its security and usability.

edward snowden

Tails Linux At A Glance

LogoBased OnArchitectureDesktop EnvironmentPackage Manager
Debian x86 GNOME .deb

Features Of Tails Linux

tor linux distro

Unblock The Internet: This is the one of the most popular feature .Tails give you to access the internet from anywhere in the world. Because of its built-in web browser ‘TOR’, you can access any website that you want. If any website blocked by your country or IP, you can easily access them.You can also surf the dark/deep web easily.

anonymous everywhere

Anonymous Everywhere: If you are using the Internet from Tails, nobody can understand that who are you. It will automatically hide your IP and spoof your MAC Address. On the other hand, when you accessing the internet it will connect through the TOR network. So, there is no chance to track you.

built in encryption tool

Built-in Encryption Tools: If you want to encrypt your data,files,images,videos or any other documents Tails can give you the best solution. It comes with a bundle of encryption tools as like LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup)GnuPG (The GNU Privacy Guard) etc. These applications can easily encrypt your files. You can also encrypt you storage device by using GNOME Disks.


Adblocker Preinstalled: Tails comes with Adblocker preinstalled. So, you don’t need to install any Adblocker application or extension (Adguard,Adblock Plus etc) to your web browser.

leave no trace

Leave No Trace: As Tails is an independent and portable operating system, it’s no depends on any operating system installed on the computer. This means you can easily use it on your personal computer, your laptop, or even in a cyber cafe computer. When you shut down your PC, Tails automatically remove it’s all footprint from the computer automatically. Because it is specially made for no depend on computer hard disk. The only storage space used by Tails in RAM which is automatically erased when the computer shuts down. So, nobody can trace you.

tails pendrive

An Instant Operating System: Although Tails is an anonymous operating system, is has comes with some desktop application which makes it an instant desktop computing solution. You can easily use Libre OfficeGIMPInscapeScribusAudacity, and PiTiVi after connecting the Tails Pendrive.

Comparison Between Tails And Others

There are various Anonymous OS available on the internet. Tails is one of them.In this part, I will show you why Tails is different than others. I have added some comparison table which will give you a clear concept.


OS NameBased OnDistrowatch RankArchitecture
Tails Linux Debian 25 x86
Backbox Linux Ubuntu(LTS) 57 x86/64
JonDo Linux Debian Not Listed x86
Parrot OS Debian 126 x86/64
Ipredia OS Fedora Not Listed x86


OS NameDesktop EnvironmentSystem RequirmentPortability
Tails Linux GNOME Low Yes
Backbox Linux XFCE Medium No
JonDo Linux XFCE Low Yes
Parrot OS MATE Medium No
Ipredia OS GNOME Low Yes

Pre-Installed Applications

OS NameInternet BrowserEmailEncryptionSpecial
Tails Linux TOR Icedove LUKS,GnuPG Electrum
Backbox Linux TOR Mozilla Thunderbird LUKS Penetration Testing tools
JonDo Linux TOR Icedove N/A N/A
Parrot OS N/A Icedove Zulu Crupt Penetration Testing tools
Ipredia OS Mozilla Firefox Susimail N/A Anonymous Bittorrent

Tails Linux System Requirement (From Official Source)

  • 1GB or more Ram (2GB is Recommended)
  • 1.5GHz or more processor, Intel/AMD
  • 4GB Pendrive or USB Drive or DVD-RW for Live Medium
  • Minimum 800×600 Resolution Graphics Card (1024×600 or better recommended)
  • Wired or Wireless internet connection

Running Tails Linux From USB

Running Tails from USB is a simple task. First of all, you need to prepare your USB Drive (Pendrive, Memory Card or Portable HDD) which can boot Tails. You can use Universal USB Installer (Windows) or Unetbootin (Linux and Mac) to create a bootable USB drive. Or, you can follow this guide The Ultimate Guide On Dual Boot Linux With Windows 10.

Before you creating the USB, you need to download the .iso file before. Download it by clicking the button.

[sociallocker id=254]


After creating the USB drive, restart your PC and boot from your USB Drive. Then you’ll need to change the boot order from BIOS/UEFI.

  • This is the boot screen of Tails Linux.Choose your boot type. ‘Live’ is recommended.
tails linux boot
  • This is the desktop of Tails. You know that Tails comes with pre-installed application. You can find all of your application under the ‘Application’ Menu. Example, then to open the ‘TOR’. Go to Application >Internet and click on ‘TOR’.
tails linux desktop
  • Once ‘TOR’ has opened, you can access a website for the address bar or search bar. You can see the Adblocker pre-installed in ‘TOR’ as I say you before.
tor on tails linux
  • You can easily access ‘Deep Web Address’ by using ‘TOR’. Just enter a deep/dark web address. You can see the we have accessed ‘Torch’ search engine by using ‘TOR’. You can also find different deep/dark web address from searching Google.
dark web on tails linux
  • You can also find many tools like KeePassX in Tails. KeePassX is an ultimate open-source password generator tool which allows you to create a stronger password. You can find more details in here KeePassX.
keepass x on tails linux

5 Myths OF Tails Linux (You Need To know)

Although we know that Tails is a stronger and Anonymous Operating System. It has loaded with tons of features as I describe you before, but it also has some limitation. In this part, I will describe you the most popular Myths and limitations of Tails Linux.

Tails Can Protect My Computer BIOS

tails can't protect bios

Some new Tails users think that it can protect their BIOS or UEFI.It is impossible. Because BIOS or UEFI completely depends on a computer motherboard and it can run without any operation system you have installed in your PC.BIOS or UEFI is a firmware which can control all hardware you have installed in your PC. No other operating system can protect you as well as Tails Kali Linux.

Reference: Tails does not protect against BIOS or firmware attacks

Tails Automatically Encrypt My Data

data encryption

Tails come with LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup), GNOME Disks and GnuPG (The GNU Privacy Guard) for encrypting any document even storage devices. But, is it possible to encrypt any data or device automatically without giving any permission?

Here is the deal. If you appointment a guard to secure your house and don’t tell him what to do, how can he protect your house? Tails also can encrypt your data if you do it manually. You can use LUKS and GNOME Disks to encrypt your documents and storage devices. On the other hand, GnuPG can protect your Email and IM easily.

Reference: Tails doesn’t encrypt your documents by default

I Am Completely Anonymous

not anonymous

What! How is this possible?

I’m not joking. I’m serious.

Tails said “Privacy For Anyone Anywhere”. But, there is an information gap in here.

As an Anonymus Operating System Tails can hide you from any type of internet users. But, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can easily track you if you are using a TOR network. This means if you are using a Tor network/Tor Browser, you don’t look like a random internet user.

Reference: Tails makes it clear that you are using Tor and probably Tails

Tails Clear Metadata Of My Documents Automatically


Many Tails Linux user think that if they send any Images, Documents, Audio files or Videos to other people from Tails, nobody tracks them. That’s not true.

Every single file has some hidden data which called Metadata. If you capture a video with your Digital Camera (Its may be Nikon Coolpix S2800), it creates some hidden data inside of the video. Same withCapturing Device, Date etc. Please, see the screenshot for example.

metadata example

Tails can’t automatically clear this Metadata.But, it has included with a tool which called MAT (Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit) helps you to clear Metadata easily.

Reference: Tails doesn’t clear the metadata of your documents for you and doesn’t encrypt the Subject: and other headers of your encrypted e-mail messages

Tails Automatically Make My Weak Password Stronger

weak password

That’s a funny topic

If your computer password is 12345, anyone can break it. If you don’t change it manually, it can’t change automatically. That’s simple.

Tails also, can’t make your password strong automatically. It may be your Gmail password or your Computer password. So, please try to make stronger manually. Tails can’t do it.

Reference: Tails doesn’t make your crappy passwords stronger

So, What Is Your Decision?

In this post, I have described all best features of Tails Linux, comparisons, and some frequently thought  myths. If you’re convinced this program is right for you, download it now and be Anonymous.

Thanks for reading this post. Please leave a comment if you’d like to share your thoughts, tips, or experiences.


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good and thanks

Asaduzzaman Abir

You’re Welcome Spromensen

Ann J. Collins
Ann J. Collins

Presented well. Looking forward for more of these… Please give a guide on various tools too… in different sessions with pros and cons like what you did here… THANKYOU?

Lamont D. Tidd
Lamont D. Tidd

It is good for a Live LINUX DVD replacement on a desktop for those who just want to play with Linux. Definitely not a replacement for the initiated who already run a Distro and have these packages installed. What about kernel and package updates?


where i can download this try …?

Jim Barfield
Jim Barfield

I have found Tails to be very easy to use. I like the more “prettier” and user-friendly distros but if I was trying to stay anonymous Tails would be my 1st choice. I am not a big fan of dark web- since mainly all I see is things I am not interested in (counterfeit things) but I have to say if I was trying to access bad things or similar then Tails would be a choice.


Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Very useful info particularly the last part