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Ubuntu Tweak – The Best Tool For Tweaking Ubuntu

Ubuntu Tweak is the most popular and best tweaking tool for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distribution. Ease of Use, Flexibility, Low Resource Uses and Hundred of Features makes it the all in one tweaking tool.

By using Ubuntu Tweaks, you can tweak you Fonts, Desktop Icons, Login Setting, Admin Control etc. You can also clean up junk files from your PC by using ‘Janitor’ option.

ubuntu tweak

Features At A Glance

  • View basic hardware information of your PC
  • Installing apps from app store. You don’t need to use Software Centre or Synaptic Package Manager
  • Change Fonts, Icons, Themes, and System Sounds easy
  • Control Login Setting
  • Control Admin Access from Admins tab
  • Control Unity Desktop Environment easily.Such as HUD, Launcher Icon Size, Launcher Opacity, Dash Size, Blur Type etc
  • Clean system junk files using ‘Janitor’
  • Install tweaking extension for additional tweaking

Supported Operating System

  • Ubuntu 12.10 or Above
  • Linux Mint 12 or Above
  • Debian Linux
  • Zorin OS
  • Elementary OS
  • Kubuntu
  • Xubuntu
  • Lubuntu
  • Deepin Linux
  • Bodhi Linux
  • Any other Ubuntu-based distribution

Installing Ubuntu Tweak

Steps – Via PPA (Direct Install From Online)

  • Open Terminal or Press Ctrl+T
  • Type this Command and Press Enter

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa

  • Enter your Admin/Root Password
  • Now type this command and press enter

sudo apt-get update

  • Now type this command and press enter

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak


Steps – Install From .deb (Offline Install)

  • Download The .deb file from the link
  • After Download the file, Right Click on it and Open With Gdebi Package Installer. Click Here to know how to install Gdebi Package Installer on Ubuntu
  • If you don’t have Gdebi Package Installer on you PC, copy the .deb file to Desktop and rename it as short. Example: utweak.deb
  • Now open Terminal and type this command and press enter

cd Desktop

  • Now type the command and press enter

sudo dpkg -i utweak.deb

After installing, close Terminal and open the application for tweaking.

Uses and Tweaks

Use of Ubuntu Tweak is pretty simple than any other tweak tool in Ubuntu. There are several options for tweaking. They include:



Here you can find all basic information about you PC. Such, your hardware information as like CPU, Memory, Operating System Name, Version, Computer name etc. You also find that your system updates.

ubuntu tweak


This is an alternative of Ubuntu Software Center. You can install many kinds of software easily by using the Ubuntu Tweak Apps tab. The plus point of this option is, you will find much popular and proprietary application such as Google Chrome, Dropbox, Skype etc. On the other hand, you can Ubuntu Software Center in any other OS as like Linux MintZorin OS, or Deepin Linux.

ubuntu tweak apps


In Ubuntu Tweak, there is a powerful option which called Tweaks. This tab contains in four parts. These are:

  • Appearance: In Appearance, you can change your fonts, sounds, theme, and miscellaneous settings.
  • Startup: If you want to change your login settings, you can use the Startup option. You can control the guest account on/off, login sound control, login theme control and etc.
  • Desktop: In the Desktop section, you can change your desktop icon, download new HD wallpaper and activate them, control Unity desktop environment options and also configure the Workspace area.
  • System: By using the System section, you can change your default file manager. And the Workarounds option let help you to configure the root privilege and others.

ubuntu tweak tweaks


Janitor is the most powerful part of Ubuntu Tweak. In Windows, we use CCleaner for cleaning our application cache such as Google Chrome cache, Firefox cache, system cache and also for cleaning the registry. But, The janitor option of this tool performing all of this task.

By selecting the options from left side such as Apps Personal, System etc, you can clear application cache such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Skype and also. You can also remove unneeded packages, Apt cache, Old Kernel and many other junk files. Select which one you want to clean and hit ‘Clean’.

ubuntu tweak janitor

At Last With Ubuntu Tweak

In this post, I have described you all the basic features of Ubuntu Tweak. But it has also more features. So, download it now to your PC and Explorer more exciting feature of this tool.

And also if you find a good torrent downloader for your Ubuntu Machine, just check here >>> 9 Best Ubuntu Torrent Clients In 20169


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It is really a great post. so easy to understand for everyone but I have a question .is net connection needed when installing Ubuntu Tweak

Asaduzzaman Abir

Thank for your comment Alven.Internet connection is not needed if you install for .deb file.And also, if you install from PPA you must need an active internet connection.

Anne J. Williams
Anne J. Williams

Is the PPA working for all Ubuntu versions.Such Ubuntu 14.04 or 15.10
And what about the 16.04 (Although, Ubuntu 16.04 not published yet)

Asaduzzaman Abir

This PPA working from Ubuntu 14.04 to above.If Ubuntu Tweak will not work on Ubuntu 16.04,I will update it.

And also, thanks for your comment.

Lydia Benson
Lydia Benson

The ‘Janitor’ tool is really a helpful tool.And also, best alternative of Windows CCleancer.i’ve also used Bleachbit on Linux Mint/Ubuntu.But, Bleachbit is a bullshit.It bricks my Ubuntu PC.

Thanks, Ubuntu Tweak and How To Use Linux for the great review.

Asaduzzaman Abir

Thanks for your motivational comment Lydia.

Florian Maurer
Florian Maurer

Great article I’ve found about Ubuntu Tweak.Is is possible to completely remove old kernel by using ubuntu tweak?

Asaduzzaman Abir

Thanks for your comment Florian.It is possible to remove old kernel completely by using Ubuntu Tweak.


I really like Ubuntu Tweak and this tutorial you’ve shared is really simple and easy to understand. There’s a tab on Ubuntu tweak where it says that theres an extension. Where is that software? Or does it need to install an extension? What it is for?